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Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Symposium

Porter L. Fortune, Jr., History Symposium

Sponsored by The Department of History

The Porter L. Fortune, Jr., History Symposium began as an annual conference on southern history in 1975.  In 1983, it was named for Porter L. Fortune, Jr., chancellor emeritus, to honor his contributions to the success of the symposium.  Past events have examined topics such as the southern political tradition, childhood, religion, and the role of gender in shaping public power.

The conference is held annually.  It is a three day event that is free of charge and open to the general public.

The 2013 Porter Fortune History Symposium
February 21-23, 2013
“European Empires in the American South”

Thursday, February 21
7:30-9:00                        Session 1 at the Overby Center
Alejandra Dubcovsky (Yale University): “New Networks, African Slaves, and the Reimaging of Information in the Colonial South, 1720-39.”

Friday, February 22
All events this day will take place at the Yerby Center

8:30-9:00                        Coffee

9:00-10:30                     Session 2
Allison Margaret Bigelow (Omohundro Institute): “Colonial Industry and the Language of Empire: Silkworks in the Virginia Colony, 1607-1655.”
Jonathan Eacott (University of California, Riverside): “Urbanity and the Endurance of Global Empire: Charleston and Calcutta Before and After the American Revolution.”

10:45-12:15                   Session 3
Denise I. Bossy (University of North Florida): “Slavery and Empire: Indian and African Slaveries in Spanish, Muskogee, and British Geopolitical and Economic Expansion in the Southeast, 1565-1715.”
Joshua A. Piker (University of Oklahoma): “The Empire, the Emperor, and the Empress: The Interesting Case of Mrs. Mary Bosomworth.”

1:30-3:00                       Session 4
Alexandre Dubé (McMaster University): “The Seller King: Revisiting Control and Authority in French Louisiana.”
Travis Glasson (Temple University): “‘Good Christians & Good Subjects’: Nicholas Trott’s Vision of English Empire, 1699-1740.”

3:15-4:45                       Session 5
Christopher Morris (University of Texas, Arlington): “The American South in the French Empire: Les Étés Long et Chauds.”
Robert A. Olwell (University of Texas, Austin): “Incidental Imperialist: John Bartram’s Expedition to Florida and the Intersection of Science and Empire in British-American Southeast of the 1760s.”

5:00-6:00                     Closing Discussion
Kathleen A. Duval (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): Discussion of the papers.

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