Arch Dalrymple III Department of History

University of Mississippi

Undergraduate Courses


Hst 120: Intro to European History to 1648

Hst 121: Intro to European History since 1648

Hst 130: Intro to US History to 1877

Hst 131: Intro to US History since 1877

Hst 150: Intro to Middle Eastern History

Hst 160: Intro to Latin American History

Hst 170: Intro to African History

Hst 180: Intro to East Asian History

Hst 300: Historical Methods

Hst 301: The Golden Age of Athens

Hst 302: Law and Life in Ancient Athens

Hst 303: Alexander the Great

Hst 304: Roman Republic

Hst 305: Roman Empire

Hst 306: From Republic to Empire

Hst 307: History of Ancient Christianity

Hst 309: The Middle Ages

Hst 310: History of Medieval Christianity

Hst 311: Medieval Church and Empire

Hst 317: Late Middle Ages and Renaissance

Hst 318: Renaissance and Early Modern Studies

Hst 319: Reformation Europe

Hst 321: Tudor England, 1485-1603

Hst 322: Stuart England, 1603-1714

Hst 323: Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment

Hst 326: Age of Revolution, 1750-1850

Hst 331: Europe- Imperialism to World War II

Hst 332: Europe since 1945

Hst 334: France since 1789

Hst 335: The French Revolution

Hst 336: The Napoleonic Era

Hst 338: Great Britain in the Modern Age

Hst 339: British Empire and Commonwealth

Hst 340: Italy since 1815

Hst 341: History of Germany, 1789-1918

Hst 342: History of Germany since 1890

Hst 343: History of the Holocaust

Hst 344: Late Imperial and Revolutionary Russia

Hst 345: Russia in the Twentieth Century

Hst 347: Science in the Modern World

Hst 348: The Darwinian Revolution

Hst 349: Society and the Sexes in Modern Europe

Hst 350: Muslim World- Origins to Middle Ages

Hst 351: Muslim World – Middle Ages to WWI

Hst 352: The Middle East since 1914

Hst 355: Water in the Middle East

Hst 360: Colonial Latin America, 1450-1820

Hst 361: Latin America since 1820

Hst 362: History of Mexico and Central America

Hst 363: History of the Caribbean

Hst 366: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

Hst 367: Social Revolutions in Latin America

Hst 368: Latin America and the Cold War

Hst 370: Modern Africa

Hst 371: History of Southern Africa

Hst 373: War, Rebellion and Revolution in Africa

Hst 374: Nationalism in Africa

Hst 375: History of Islam in Africa

Hst 380: Pre-Modern China

Hst 381: Late Imperial and Modern China

Hst 382: China in Revolution

Hst 383: China and the United States since 1784

Hst 384: Global Shanghai

Hst 387: Modern Japanese History

Hst 388: War and Memory in Japan

Hst 389: History of Japan-United States Relations

Hst 392: South Asia and the Indian Ocean

Hst 400: Early America to 1715

Hst 401: Colonial America, 1607-1763

Hst 402: Revolutionary America, 1763-1800

Hst 403: US- Emerging Nation, 1789-1850

Hst 404: US- The Civil War Era, 1848-1877

Hst 405: US- Nation Redefined, 1877-1918

Hst 406: US- WW1 to WWII, 1914-1945

Hst 407: US- The Nation since 1945

Hst 410: Native America, Pre-contact to 1850

Hst 411: Native America since 1850

Hst 414: African American History to 1865

Hst 415: African American History since 1865

Hst 418: African American Women’s History

Hst 420: History of African Americans in Sports

Hst 422: The Rise and Fall of American Slavery

Hst 424: The Civil Rights Era

Hst 426: The American Dream

Hst 428: US Women’s History

Hst 429: US Gender History

Hst 430: US Foreign Relations

Hst 431: US Legal History

Hst 432: US Economic History

Hst 433: US Labor History

Hst 434: US Religious History

Hst 435: US Military History

Hst 440: The Military History of the Civil War

Hst 450: Southern History to 1900

Hst 451: The South in the Twentieth Century

Hst 452: The History of Mississippi

Hst 453: Economic History of the South

Hst 454: Women in Southern History

Hst 455: History of Religion in the South

Hst 470: The First World War

Hst 471: The Second World War

Hst 481: Topics in History and Film

Hst 482: Samurai in Film

Hst 490: Problems in History- America

Hst 491: Problems in History- Europe

Hst 492: Problems in History- World

Hst 493: Undergraduate History Internship

Hst 494: Directed Readings in History

Hst 496: Topics in History Abroad

Hst 481: Topics in History and Film

Hst 498: Undergrad Research Seminar in History

Hst 499: Undergrad Reading Seminar in History