Arch Dalrymple III Department of History

University of Mississippi

Undergraduate Courses


His 101: History of Europe to 1648

His 102: History of Europe Since 1648

His 105: The United States to 1877

His 106: The United States Since 1877

His 160: Introduction to Latin American History

His 170: Introduction to African History

His 180: Introduction to East Asian History

His 185: Introduction to the History of the Middle East

His 301: Colonial America

His 302: America/Age of Revolution, 1740-1789

His 303: US History, 1789-1850: Emerging Nation

His 304: US History, 1877-1918: Nation Redefined

His 305: The United States, World War I-1945

His 306: The United States Since 1945

His 307: African American History to 1865

His 308: African American History Since 1865

His 309: World War I

His 310: United States Diplomacy Since 1898

His 311: History of Japan-United States Relations

His 312: Women in United States History

His 313: U.S. Intellectual History to 1900

His 314: U.S. Intellectual History Since 1900

His 315: The American Dream

His 316: United States Economic History

His 317: John F. Kennedy, 1960-1963

His 318: United States Labor History

His 319: United States Religious History

His 320: United States Military History

His 321: US Legal/Constitutional History

His 322: Race, Gender, Science in Early America

His 324: Race, Gender, Courtship-African Am Hist.

His 327: Historical Perspectives: Slavery America

His 328: History of African Americans in Sport

His 329: The Civil Rights Era

His 330: The History of Mississippi

His 331: The South Through the 19th Century

His 332: The South in the 20th Century

His 333: The Era of the Civil War, 1850-1877

His 334: The Blue and the Gray

His 335: Economic History of the South

His 336: Women in Southern History

His 337: History of Religion in the South

His 338: Masculinities/Femininities, Amer. Cultur

His 339: African-American Women’s History

His 340: Science in the Modern World

His 341: The Darwinian Revolution

His 343: Latin America and the Cold War

His 344: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

His 345: Latin Am. Cities: Culture,Space,Power

His 346: Gender and Power in Latin America

His 347: Latin American History on Film

His 348: The Golden Age of Athens

His 349: Alexander the Great

His 350: Greek History

His 352: Roman Republic

His 353: Roman Empire

His 354: The Middle Ages

His 355: Eur-Late Middle Ages and Renaissance

His 356: Reformation Europe, 1517-1648

His 357: Age of Absolutism & Enlight, 1648-1789

His 358: Europe in Age of Revolution, 1789-1890

His 359: Europe: Imperialism, World War 1890-1945

His 360: Europe: Cold War, Detente, Econ Integrat

His 361: History of the Holocaust

His 363: France, 1789-Present

His 364: History of Germany, 1800-1918

His 365: History of Germany, 1918 to the Present

His 366: Late Imperial & Revolutionary Russia

His 367: Soviet Russia

His 368: Italy from Cavour & Garibaldi to Present

His 369: Medieval England, 1066-1509

His 370: Early Modern England, 1509-1688

His 371: Britain: Aristocracy to Democracy

His 372: Great Britain in the Modern Age

His 373: History of Ancient Christianity

His 374: Medieval Church and Empire

His 375: History of Medieval Christianity

His 376: Renaissance and Early Modern Studies

His 377: The French Revolution, 1789-1815

His 378: European Society & Econ, 1750-1914

His 379: European Society & Econ in 20th Century

His 380: Society and the Sexes in Modern Europe

His 381: The Middle East Since 1914

His 382: The Cold War

His 383: Muslim World: Origins to the Middle Ages

His 384: British Empire and Commonwealth

His 385: History of Islam in Africa

His 386: Muslim World: Middle Ages to World War I

His 387: Modern Africa

His 388: Mexico and Central America

His 389: Samurai and Cinema

His 390: Latin American Social Revolutions

His 391: South Asia and the Indian Ocean

His 392: Conquest & Resist. in Latin Am 1450-1800

His 393: State, Citizen, Nation: Modern Latin Ame

His 394: Late Imperial and Modern China

His 395: China in Revolution

His 396: Modern Japanese History

His 397: China and the United States since 1784

His 398: War and Memory in Japan

His 399: Problems in History

His 400: Undergrad Research: US History

His 401: Directed Readings in History

His 402: Directed Research in History

His 405: Topics in History Abroad

His 445: Undergrad Research: Europe to 1648

His 450: Undergrad Research: European History

His 460: Undergrad Research: African History

His 470: Undergrad Research: Latin Am History

His 480: Undergrad Research: East Asia

His 490: Undergrad Reading Seminar in History