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Arch Dalrymple III Department of History

University of Mississippi

Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses


His 505: Historiography: US through Reconstructio

His 506: Historiography: US since Reconstruction

His 509: Historiography: African American History

His 550: Historical Methods & Philosophy of Hist

His 551: Historiography: Europe to 1815

His 552: Historiography: Europe since 1789

His 605: Readings: US through Reconstruction

His 606: Readings: US Civil War to Present

His 607: Readings: Southern US History

His 611: Readings: Era of the US Civil War

His 612: Readings: US Depression & War

His 613: Readings: Contemporary US History

His 651: Readings: European History to 1815

His 652: Readings: European History since 1789

His 653: Readings: Russian History

His 660: Readings: Gender History of Mod. Europe

His 661: Readings: Europe & the Atlantic Worl

His 662: Readings: History of Stalinism

His 663: Readings: History of Modern Consumerism

His 664: Readings: 20th Century Econ & Social Pol

His 670: Readings: Slavery in Africa

His 671: Readings: Colonialism in Africa

His 681: Readings: British History to 1815

His 682: Readings: British History since 1815

His 685: Readings: Middle East History

His 686: Readings: Colonial Latin Amer. History

His 687: Readings: Social Movements. Mod Lat Am

His 688: Readings: Race and Ethnicity in Latin Am

His 689: Readings: Seculariz/Sacraliz in Latin Am

His 690: Readings: Gender & Power in Latin Am

His 691: Readings: Modern Latin Am History

His 692: Readings: African History

His 693: Readings: General US History

His 694: Readings: General European History

His 695: Readings: Chinese History

His 696: Readings: Selected Areas

His 697: Thesis

His 698: Special Topics

His 701: Research: US through the Civil War

His 702: Research: US from Civil War to Present

His 751: Research: European History to 1815

His 752: Research: European History since 1789

His 781: Research: British History to 1815

His 782: Research: British History since 1815

His 791: Research: Modern Latin American History

His 797: Dissertation