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Arch Dalrymple III Department of History

University of Mississippi

Jorja Carter, History Student Ambassador

Jorja Carter, Student Ambassador for the Department of Classics
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Follow Jorja on Instagram

Jorja is an ace student and entrepreneur. She launched her own baking business, making cakes and cupcakes. She’s bolstered her baking expertise by taking ceramics classes where she learns more about creating a solid structure. She’s also been enrolled in the UM Air Force ROTC.

Student Profile

Why did you decide to study history?
In high school my favorite classes were my history classes. You don’t need to know a formula to study history, all you need is a love for the past and a slight hope for predicting the future.

Do you have any minors?
I also study art and Italian. Art is an extension of history. Every piece of art has a story to tell—some of our most famous art pieces date back thousands of years. I love Italian culture, so I’m studying the language.

How would you describe the History department at UM?
When I was questioning if I should switch from my original major of secondary education to history, I went into the history department to speak to some of the professors. It’s a warm and welcoming environment, and some of the friendliest professors I’ve met teach there. They deeply care about their students and go the extra mile necessary to make sure that they feel included. When I was putting in a request to switch my major to history, I had a one-on-one conversation with the head of the department, and I was able to learn about him and his work. I really appreciated that he met with me personally.