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Arch Dalrymple III Department of History

University of Mississippi

Civil War Research on African American Soldiers Draws National Attention

Presenting his findings on African American service in the Civil War, Miller Boyd, an advanced doctoral student of history at the University of Mississippi, will speak at the Missouri State Museum on May 19.

Boyd will present on the 62nd U.S. Colored Troops and their effort to establish Lincoln University. The presentation is in conjunction with the opening of “Civil War Missouri: A House Dividing” the third in a multiple-part exhibit at the museum.

“Miller’s participation in this event is a mark of distinction for him and for us,” said Joe Ward, chair of the history department.

This phase of the exhibit features new artifacts including the conserved flag from the 62nd U.S. Colored Troops (above image). Soldiers of the 62nd and 65th Regiment Infantry United States Colored Troops collected their pay to found Lincoln Institute (now University) in Jefferson City after the Civil War. Carolyn Mahoney, Ph.D., president of Lincoln University, will also provide remarks during the ceremony.

Different artifacts are rotated into the exhibit every six months.  The flag and other artifacts of this phase will remain on display until November 2012. The entire exhibit, which will be on display through June 2015, commemorates the sesquicentennial of the Civil War.