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Department of History
University of Mississippi

Museum Studies Minor

Undergraduates at the University of Mississippi have the chance to add a new, interdisciplinary minor in Museum Studies. This minor is great preparation for history majors who are thinking about pursuing a career as a curator, docent, education director, or interpreter at one of the thousands of museums, national parks, and historic sites across the United States.

A minor in Museum Studies consists of 18 semester hours including:

  • One of the two Museum Studies core courses; the other core course can count among the student’s electives:
    • MUSE 201: Introduction to Museum Practice 
    • AH 412: History of Museums 
  • Four additional elective courses chosen from the list below; at least two of the electives must be taken outside the student’s major area: 

    • AH 412: History of Museums 
    • ART 414: Exhibition Design  
    • ANTH 413/613: Public Archaeology 
    • ANTH 375/CLC 375: Digital Archaeology 
    • CLC 360: Archaeological and Museum Ethics 
    • CLC 415: Studying Ancient Artifacts  
    • HST 460: Public History 
    • HST 461: History on Location
    • HST 465: Digital History 
    • MUSE 199: Introductory Topics in Museum Studies
    • MUSE 201: Introduction to Museum Practice 
    • MUSE 301: Fundraising for Museums 
    • MUSE 395: Topics in Museum Studies 
    • MUSE 398: Topics in Museum Studies Abroad 
    • SST 556: Heritage Tourism in the South 
  • An internship or practicum approved by the Museum Studies director; the student will enroll in one of the following courses for 3 hours of credit:
    • MUSE 395: Internship in Museum Studies
    • CLC 401: Internship in Classics
    • AH 308: Internship in Art History
    • HST 493: Internship in History

For more information about this minor, contact Professor Kariann Fuqua.