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Study Abroad

The Arch Dalrymple III Department of History hopes our minors and majors take advantage of incredible opportunities to broaden their horizons through travel. Study abroad gives students a chance to continue making progress on their degrees while exploring the world—often for the same cost of tuition they would pay to stay in Mississippi. Because history is such a flexible major, moreover, minors and majors can easily take advantage of study abroad without falling behind.

What kind of study abroad experiences have history majors had?
Our history majors have pursued a variety of different study abroad experiences.

Jacob Ferguson, an honors history and English major from Pontotoc, Mississippi, spent a semester in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh. While in Edinburgh, Jacob took courses in history and English. In “Machiavelli and His World,” Jacob explored the writings of Machiavelli and studied their context in Florentine and Italian histories, while in “The History of Edinburgh,” he was able to place the setting of his study abroad experience in the larger British/European historical context while also focusing on the literary achievements of Edinburgh and Scotland. In addition to his coursework, study abroad enabled Jacob to travel to Iceland as well as London, Paris, Florence, and Milan—allowing him to meet people from across the globe while further igniting his passion for travel.



Ellen Simmons, a history major from Natchez, Mississippi, spent a semester in Reading, England at the University of Reading. While in Reading, Ellen took courses in British and European History, and especially enjoyed “Medieval Magic and the Origins of the Witch Craze,” in which she learned about the history of the Catholic Church in relation to the European witch trials. In addition to her coursework, study abroad enabled Ellen to travel all across the U.K., as well as four other countries. She chose this study abroad location due to its proximity to London. She says that the most rewarding part of her study abroad experience was being able to meet people from all across the world, and the ability to explore some of the most historic sites in Western History. She graduated in May 2019 with her degree in history, and is proud to say that she is going to be getting her Master’s at the University of Reading beginning in September 2019.

Want more information about study abroad?
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