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Arch Dalrymple III Department of History

University of Mississippi

Croft Institute for International Studies


Funded by the Joseph C. Bancroft Educational & Charitable Fund, the Croft Institute administers the International Studies major at the University of Mississippi.

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Mississippi. It focuses on the connections between politics, economics, and culture at the international level, providing students both with an understanding of how the contemporary world works and with the tools to succeed in it. Students in the major are exposed to broad surveys of East Asia, Latin America, Europe, and-as of fall 2011-the Middle East, but also have the opportunity to study a variety of more specialized topics, such as the war on drugs in Latin America, globalization and religion in East Asia, or the development and significance of the European Union. They might also study the role of poverty, gender, and ethnicity in international politics, economic dependency and underdevelopment, energy policy, international trade, the challenges of national security in an age of globalization, and many other issues that affect our world today.